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Created: 2 years and 4 months ago • Updated: 2 years and 4 months ago
The project is good and I support it 100%! But I have two issues. 1. I don't see how I can add DD to be my default browser. It appeared when I visit the page for the first time, but I skipped it that I was not confident with it. Now that I am confident with the browser I can't find where to set it as default.

2. Issue is when I downloaded DD to my mac. Now I don't know where the HACK it is??? It seems not to be found on my machine?

Very on tight if you ask me! Thats why people choose anyway!

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  1. As a point of clarification, DuckDuckGo is a web search engine and not a browser. A browser is a program that you use to visit wed sites, for example Firefox, Chrome, Opera (and many more). How to make DDG the default search engine for your browser is fully dependent on the browser that you are using. To re-enable the help for adding DDG to your browser, go to DDG's settings and enable Browser Instructions, then go the DDG main page and the instructions should appear again.
  2. I'm sorry but it's not clear (to me) what you downloaded or where you downloaded it from, can you please provide more detailed information?
  3. When asking for help, it's always best to provide detailed information that will help other help you. Providing information like Operating System, browser (including versions for both) and specific errors that your are receiving will help us to point you in the right direction.

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