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Created: 2 years and 4 months ago • Updated: 2 years and 4 months ago
DuckDuckGo is very good search engine!
I have tested "Bangs" features, and while it is good, it unfortunately is not perfect.
Since I am not sure if someone already suggested DDG to have its own "Search by image" (while using URLs or user uploaded images), and although I have read large number of previous posts it might be possible that I accidentally repeat someone's post, I apologize if I have repeated the request!
It would be very useful, user friendly and more efficient, if users could [upload, or paste image URL] (in separate text/drag&drop/browse area), besides the text they typed for searching an image! I am saying this because, if DDG added such feature, in combination with "Bangs" feature, it would become one of the best, or even the best of all image searching engines!
Also, I have not seen this on other image searching web pages, so I wanted to suggest, users can upload/link as many pictures as they want, then multiple image searches are performed, and then using cross-referencing of the results, only the results that are most relevant will be shown!
Of course, user would have possibility to turn on/off less relevant results, and results that are duplicated will turn into one single result!
I really hope DuckDuckGo (DDG) will implement this feature!
Please, implement feature like this one, or similar!
Thank You in advance!

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