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Hi I have set up DuckDuckGo as UK and saved my settings in the cloud. I am at a loss therefore as to why if I type in Amazon I get .com the American site it eBay I get .com again. I also seem to get more American results than British on my general searches. Have I not set something up correctly. I moved away from Google a). because of pop ups and b). for the same reasons as above. Selecting UK should give UK results.

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I agree with the others here. Region search is the deal breaker. I want to buy a particular type of spectacle frames in the UK, I set the region to UK only, yet the first half page is US companies, perversely selling UK made spectacle frames imported into the US which they are now trying to sell to me in the UK . I want to buy motorcycle parts for a UK made motorcycle. I set my region and put in my bike make and model and first page I see is almost all US companies, again trying to sell me parts made in the UK and exported to the US. It happens with every product search. Maybe someone should tell those US companies that the fortunes they are spending on consultants who guarantee Page Ranking Optimization is not only being wasted by forcing their names in front of people who don't have the option to buy the product anyway, even if they wanted to (delivery charge and import tax) but also giving the US a bad name as the commercial bully boy of the web, forcing other regions off the initial search pages. Maybe the search engine could at least tell us where the company is before we click on it and wait for it to load only to be disappointed when we see the prices in dollars. There are only so many pages of rude US barging in I can take before I just accept that I will have to live with popups and go to google whose region filter, while not perfect and requires regular resetting, does at least give you a couple of pages before the schoolyard bully pushes everyone else out of the way and shouts "Buy from Me".
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