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You can use the web pages as a textual database by setting language and region (already available).
I need to browse by scrolling down and, depending on the search expression, will get x number of results or hits. Unfortunately, you do not display the total number of search results.


Search for "pantalla del ordenador portatil" and set the search engine to
1) Spanish and sites from Spain
2) Spanish and sites from Mexico
results Google (74 on 8 pages, 74 vs 37 on 4 pages)
results Bing (1) n/a as it does not display the literal string, no difference if I drop the first word)
results Yahoo (not different to Bing, as expected)
results DDG ( 1) 4 pages, but a) first page only 4 results b) includes non-Spanish sites (mx.answers.yahoo, ar.answers.yahoo (2x), it.answers.yahoo; 2) 3 pages, but a) as for Spain b) includes non-Mexican sites (ar.answers.yahoo, es.answers.yahoo, it.answers.yahoo)

This shows that DDG search capabilities are inferior to Google not only based on results total, but due to the fact that ordenador is a Spanish term whereas computadora foremost used in Mexico, so the search total for Mexican sites for a Spanish expression should really be lower.
This shows that DDG sites filtering (country specific settings) are inferior to Google.
I suppose once the search capabilities have been improved, the it would also be helpful to have the result total displayed. Google does, but as you browse the results, the displayed total is adjusted

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