Pass phrase life expectancy ?

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Created: 2 years and 5 months ago
Since November 2013 (in the old forum) I have struggled to understand how pass-phrases actually work, I understand the intended benefits
The major focus in ... is on how secure are pass-phrases ... which is irrelevant to me.
I do understand a unique pass-phrase is an anonymous ID to my DDG cloud settings.

Is there any way of recycling my pass-phrase instead of creating a new pass-phrase every time I want to tweak my settings ?
- I am running out of wall space to write the latest pass-phrase on ;)
I don't want multiple settings, just one settings record will do me nicely

URL parameters are OK until I want to copy the search result URL into my research documents, where the URL string is extremely long

I am starting to suspect reference to my pass-phrase (whatever coded form it is in) is stored as a cookie in my browser, that identifies my (anonymous) settings. If all my cookies are 'Cleared" at any point, I suspect the critical pass-phrase cookie is deleted too.
If a pass-phrase cookie is deleted the concept of cloud settings are no more practical than a simple {Save and Exit} that saves settings as a cookie on my browser.

If cloud settings are changed by one PC operator in a group, that operator has to advise all seats of the new password ?

Q: does DDG use a cookie to store the anonymous reference to my cloud settings ?

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I think that this page will answer your questions better than the link you provided:

Regarding "recycling" a passphrase, all that you need to do is enter your existing passphrase then make your changes then click the Save Settings button and your new settings are saved to the cloud.
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