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Created: 5 years and 7 months ago

Hiho fellow DuckDuckGo fans!

Right now a part of the team (including me, Getty) is working hard on bringing a new redesign to the community platform, and in the same move also switching the template engine. In this process we had lots of open talk on our IRC channel #duckduckgo on and I just thought that it might be interesting to involve more people into this, and I thought about telling you to join us, watch us doing it, and probably try to help. The community platform is designed to be run locally on every linux machine, a virtual machine is enough ;), so you can also actually "do stuff". Even though you might not directly be able to help us, you might be able to see what happens on the channel, follow the code, and see this way how easy you can help to extend the platform. The community platform needs more people from the community to help, it's not only a platform by DuckDuckGo for the community, we are very interested in making it a platform that is made by the community for the community. Many things are todo, many things can be made "more perfect" little details, you name it, you are the user :-).

If you don't know how IRC works, just use this webchat offered by Freenode:

General Information about IRC can be found here:

Doug Brown the HTML expert who is working with me on the last details of the redesign, will appear at 1pm EDT, I will probably be there a bit earlier already, even though I am anyway nearly always there :). Also Michael Smith (crazedpsyc) and Dylan Lloyd (majuscule) are there and work with us on the details. I will directly warn you, coder talk can be rough talk, it can get dirty ;) but be sure, we work great together that way :-). I hope many of you will appear.

If you want to know what is the local time for you for the start of the event, there is a feature at DuckDuckGo:

:D We will be probably there for a long time, I want to release it towards Sunday and do a soft launch with this forum community and the @duckco and @duckduckhack followers on Twitter :)

Thanks for listening :D See you tomorrow (or today?)

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