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Created: 5 years and 9 months ago
Register my user on

Send post in return http 405 (not allowed)

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Hi, Avelino,

Thanks for reporting the problem. Please, tell us on which browser you got it, because sometimes it can affect it
We will have a look at it and will fix it.

See you,

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posted by [Old Forum folklorin] • 5 years and 9 months ago Link
Sorry about the necrobumping, but I experienced this today when I registered.

Registered -> 405, but username was taken on next try. After a few resets and changning passwords first från 128->64 then a dummy short one just to try a “normal” one. Then I got in. Trid to change it to a 40 char long pwd. Hello 405, again, but it seemed to work and I was logged in when I clicked on a link in a nother window.

Is there some sort of upper limit for passwords? There's no info on lenght, type of chars etc on the registration page.

// OS X, FF 41
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 2 months ago Link
I'm using Chromium (developer mode)
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 5 years and 9 months ago Link
Thanks for the heads up, there seems a general problem with the community platform, I check into this.
posted by getty 5 years and 9 months ago Link
Situation fixed! Everything should work again! :)
posted by getty 5 years and 9 months ago Link
posted by [Old Forum avelino] • 5 years and 9 months ago Link