Intrusive Google when I try to use only DDG

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Created: 2 years and 3 months ago • Updated: 2 years and 3 months ago
I haven't had time to look at anything much recently. About 2 weeks ago I tossed a comment into the DDG community about DDG not working well with my Roomy bookmarks toolbar. Someone replied (and it was appreciated) with a question regarding how I was trying to use DDG as a default. I never had time to experiment or even respond. Anyway, I just now installed something DDG and also found the search engine page and attempted to make it my default. Incredibly, Google (which I HATE) could not be removed from the field/box in the home page area of my settings. What's with that?

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Wow, What a helpful bunch! I fixed the above problem. I guess the software was just clunky. I had to copy and paste the DDG search page into the field. I can't imagine that I wouldn't have tried to do that the first time. Anyway, It's on. But I still have to toggle the toolbar off and on in order to activate my Roomy bookmarks toolbar. That's annoying, but as long as that is the only problem here, then we are good to go.
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Wow, What a helpful bunch!
maybe just maybe if you had indicated a bit about your environment like the OS and browser that you are using then people could have offered suggestions and help

or maybe when you say that you asked for help before but
I never had time to experiment or even respond.
people figured that the same thing might happen again

in any case it seems that the problem that you were having would have been better addressed in a support forum for your browser

glad you figured it out
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