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Created: 6 years and 1 day ago
Today I had forgotten the word "outliers" but I knew it is in statistics, and also it refers to unusual data points.
So I did a search

But I could not find the word "outlier" in the first page, whereas this:


Shows what I was looking for in the first page.

I have no idea how to better explain my problem, but sometimes it is good if a search engine understands the hidden meaning. Is that the larger corpus that gives Google a better *understanding* or maybe a HMM, but in any case I think this is the main reason we still have to have !g every once in a while

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Thanks for the example. Inferences are tricky because we don't want to autocorrect your search. In this case, I do see a link to "Outliers in Regression"  on the first page but, in any case, it could be better. We'll investigate how to make it better :) 


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