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Installed DDG app on my Google homepage. Did a few test searches thru DDG, then checked my Chrome search history. In standard browsing mode, my DDG test searches appear in my Chrome search history. In Incognito mode, typing in some of the words from the test searches brings up DDG's URL followed by the terms from the searches. GET Requests is toggled OFF in DDG settings. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Duckheads!

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To explain, tracking and history are 2 different things. History is collected by your web browser from any site that you visit (unless your are using Private\Incognito mode). This is not tracking and is not controlled by the web site.

Tracking means that web sites that you visit collect, store and (possibly) re-distribute your browsing history on their sites. DDG does not do this and does not store any information that can point back to you or your computer.

That was a pretty simplified response. For a much better and accurate explanation, please read this DDG web page:

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Thanks for the quick reply. I'm far from an expert, but I appreciate the basic difference between History and tracking. I'm concerned about History, which if I understand your response, there is nothing DDG can do about that. For my purposes, browsing "privacy" includes the history as much as the tracking/collecting of other data. As described in my original message, Incognito mode in Chrome does not prevent Chrome's History from collecting the DDG searches I've done, even though searches done straight thru Chrome Incognito aren't collected in its History, which is why I assumed I was doing something wrong. I know History can be manually deleted, but that's time-consuming and unnecessary if I use Chrome's Incognito mode alone without DDG.
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