Use better technologies than URL redirection for referrer hiding

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Created: 2 years and 2 months ago
Currently you can enable to hide the referrer (& therefore the search query). However this is ugly as redirections need time and right-clicking on a search result won't give you the correct link and all in all it is a quite outdated behaviour.

And there are better modern an unobtrusive alternatives. To name them:
1. Use Content Security Policy (a thing I'd suggest you anyway) and include `referrer no-referrer;` there, which makes recent browsers to ignore the referrer.
2. Use a Referrer Policy:
This can be done as a HTML meta tag (with good browser support) or a HTTP header (less browser support).

Personally I'd just suggest you to combine these two methods.

More information can be found on this test site:

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The redirect setting is actually defaulted to OFF now for most (modern) browsers (those that support the meta referrer tag.) The meta referrer tag solves the same privacy issues in a much more elegant way, you can read more about it here:
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Ah so you already support this tag?
In this case the setting is a bit misleading as it implies that referrer-stripping would not be done without this setting. Maybe you can change this a bit.

Also, to support more browsers, you may consider the CSP thing I explained.
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