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Created: 4 years and 5 months ago
Can anyone tell me how to include a certain website's dictionary results of a search term into the zero click box. For example, let's say that I type in vicissitude into the search box, and I want the definition from to come up for that term in the zero click box, is there a way to customize my settings to do this?

Thank you in advance for any help provided.

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No, ZCI is the same for all users. These plugins are open source however, so feel free to suggest changes to/report issues with the wordnik plugin:
Is there any particular reason you aren't satisfied with wordnik's results? (on

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Wordnik does not apparently have the ability to parse a pleural term. For example, if you type in vicissitudes, it takes you to a wikipedia article on some obscure album from the 1970's. Thanks for the response, I am really liking DDG.
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Thanks! As far as generating the Wordnik ZCI, you'd need to specify the word, "define" in your query: 

As bizarre said, it's open-source! Feel free to suggest/make any changes : ) I'll see if we can make a change that shows the non-plural form definition so you don't need to re-query or click. 


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