Option to prefer censored pages

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Created: 2 years and 17 days ago • Updated: 2 years and 16 days ago
Google and Facebook have sold their soul to the government (for money) and began to censor their searches accordingly.

– I would like to have an search option to prefer censored pages in search results.

How to distinguish a censored page may be the problem. I don't know. Maybe:

– The page does not have Google Ads.
– The page ranking is very low in Google searches (compared to the expected rank).

To prefer censored pages could be an option in DDG to turn it on (level 1 - 5) or off (default).

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While an interesting concept, as state in the op, it's hard to fathom how such a list could be accurately generated and maintained. There are many web sites that don't have !G ads, so that's not a clear indicator, and most web sites don't divulge when they are not listed by !G.
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