Icons being downloaded even though they are disabled

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Created: 2 years and 1 month ago
So - I've noticed that loading icons is quite slow (each as an separate asset) so I've removed them... they are not displayed but they are still being requested which slows down the page (for 40 requests roughly 30 are about icons)

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So, a bit more information:
* total: 1500KB, 49 requests, 6,5s!
* icons: 100KB, 27 requests, 3s

I've blocked in uBlock:
duckduckgo.com icons.duckduckgo.com * block

and the result is:
* total: 1230KB, 14 requests, 1,5s

In principle - there is a problem in DDG that assets are being requests even though they are not enabled/visible in options and this result in the website feeling laggish (especially on slower connections)
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Another problem - webfonts are not being cached! In the end I've switched to the default theme and then changed font from Proxima (17KB! and almost 1s!) to defautl Helvetica and not finally result page loads in 0,85s... still a bit laggy but it's over 6 times improvement!
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