My diary and experiences: trying to ditch Google for DuckDuckGo

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This is a good starting point (although 2 years old): Duck Duck Go vs. Google Search
Meta: how do you watch this? First, DuckDuckGo offered me to watch on their site without Google tracking, it doesn't offer it anymore. do I have to clear the browser cache, no other easy options to get it back? I didn't bother with personalized settings yet. It's a relevant YouTube video for DuckDuckGo, I Duck-searched this on this very forum, to no avail.

Some things I just don't find with the Duck. :)

1. There was a funny article 'medium matter internet sexual' will be your first hit on Google, not even in the top 10 on Duck. How would you search for the article? Do you really have to go to first, like an animal, and do a site-search?

2. In about less than a month, a new SD card standard was announced which defines minimum speed requirements for Android apps. I wanted to locate some relevant hits for this with Duck, no success. With Google I would find it in 10 seconds, even without any juggling with the time settings (search in X time frame). How would you find this information the easiest way with Duck?

DuckDuckGo has some funny finds. :)

I searched for author 'mark ames' (born a US citizen, and still only a US citizen, but has some history in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union), this is what appeared for his Duck search on the right-hand side information window: Born: Марк Эймс
It's probably because you use Yandex as a backend.

I will update this thread with my further adventures. Sister topic: Is it true that DuckDuckGo is more or less useless for languages other than English?

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Yesterday the !wiki bang worked as expected, with the English version of Wikipedia. Today it changed its mind and redirected to the Wikipedia of country of IP address. Not a consistent experience. At least, not consistent with this.

How about focusing on just do one thing, but doing that one thing right? Either be good in International English, or national language, but this mixed approach, that one of your services tends to go International English, the other tends to go national language is at least giving a confusing overall experience.
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Hi. Would you mind sharing the search term you used for the !wiki bang please? I'll try to reproduce the issue.
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Later, when I will find one. Forgot the previous.
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There is this recent story about the Polish government want Polish language taught in Irish schools (the actual title of's 24 Nov 2016 article).

A Duck search of 'ireland polish language,' even clicking the News tab brought up nothing. A StartPage search brought up the above article on the 4th place, without tinkering with any news and time settings.
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I did this search: (without first referencing your search criteria) and the first result is in the 3rd position.

The best method for reporting non-optimal reports is to use the [] button. These reports go to the developers who look for trends that can help improve searches for all users.

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That's very interesting in two ways:

First, you used a slightly different search term than me, your brain is probably wired differently, it wouldn't have occurred to me to alter the search term to your ways.

Second I clicked on your search link in a 'porn' browser window, for me the article in question didn't show up in the top 10.
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I searched for a public figure in the Tor Browser. The usual options like Images, News, Videos were not available. Also there wasn't a Feedback button, so I have to give feedback here.
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The [] button is only on the full version (not lite or html versions) of ddg when using a desktop\laptop browser.
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Okay, I solved this, thanks, never mind.
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