Why does the forum link in the top menu redirect to duckduckhack?

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Created: 2 years and 2 months ago • Updated: 2 years and 2 months ago
Hi, when I go to duck.co or do !dc in order to get to this forum, I am unable to, because the "Forum" entry in the top menu redirects to https://forum.duckduckhack.com and not to https://duck.co/forum. Why is that?

PS: What are those menus called again? It has been some time since I did webdesign last. Nav-bar?

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Thank you all for the many comments, questions and suggestions. Particular thanks go to user x.15a2 for constantly monitoring, replying and helping so many users here. To continue these discussions, please head over to the DuckDuckGo subreddit.

The duck.co domain is transitioning to be more of a IA development area and less for use as the general forums. We are currently looking into potential replacements for these forums and I can suggest that you take a look at the duckduckgo subReddit: https://reddit.com/r/duckduckgo .

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Thanks, guys!
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What x.15a2 said. And yes, the top menu is often called the navigation bar, or in things like Bootstrap, navbar.
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