The big Bad Google pales in comparision with big Bad Facebook - Why no Duck Social Network Platforms ?

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The threat posed, imposed by Facebook is far greater
than the threat of Google.

Why?  For several reasons. 
Face, Photos, ID, telephone number, what you say and what you like.

If Google is the big bad monster, then Facebook is Godzilla.

Yet, Duck is not addressing this issue in anyway.  Why?

Your concerns about privacy are totally valid.  But you are not addressing the bigger monster here getting much bigger.
Social networking sites present the far bigger challenge here.

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We are a search engine. Only a search engine. 
The idea Google has imposed of search engines also having email services, document editing, social network, etc. is a bit insane, and we will do our best to focus on search alone.

Some other companies have started up more privacy-friendly social networks such as Diaspora and Identica.

That said -- we are running an open source "Community Platform" to which anyone can contribute. Social features would not be entirely out of the scope of that project, but they are not a priority for us.
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There are already privacy-based services for social media (though I don't understand why people want privacy when they decide to post all their personal information and photos on other people's servers).

Check out or for already-existing services.
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Great point! "I want to post the most intimate details of my life, complete with pictures, but I want privacy while I do it!" haha!

I also disagree with the comment in the original post:

The threat posed, imposed by Facebook is far greater
than the threat of Google.
Many (most?) users have no idea how Google tracks, stores and shares the information in their searches. When someone posts to FB, they fully realize that they are sharing personal information, such is not the case when entering a simple internet search.

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