What queries should maps come up for (on the side or on top)?

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Created: 5 years and 8 months ago
We're working on having maps come up more often, and would love some examples where maps are not coming up where they should.

Note that there is a distinction between coming up on top, and coming up on the side. If you type say an address, we want it to come on top:


If you hit say a local business, we want it to go on the right (and ideally have business info on top):


We would as many specific examples as you can provide.

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Maps on the side for "X near Y" please.

E.g. "pizza near paoli" or "schools near main st and high st mytown, usa"
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UK postcodes, eq. SW1W 9TQ should bring up the Victoria area of London (Google )
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The Zipcode piece is actually an open source plugin.

I just filed an issue to investigate why UK postcodes aren't working, which they should:


Code triggers are here:


Hmm it actually seems generally broken.
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Apparently the reverse geo-coding API we use just changed their structure. We're working on it.
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This is working again!
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Tried a local search (Argentina) and didn't work. Example: Avenida Corrientes 348, Buenos Aires (we put the number after the name)
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A street address in Scotland: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=16+Lindsay+Circus%2C+Rosewell

The top links are currently details of the property for sale, but there isn't a map.
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Italian address queries, which would be street/square name, optional number, optional city, optional ZIP code. For example: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=piazza+roma%2C+2+catania
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All three of these (international addresses) now work. Appreciate the examples and any more that don't work!
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I would love to see maps for search queries like "Where is <name of city/country/ZIP code/others>", without quotes.

Iit would be even more nice, to see this work for versions the sentence "Where is...", in other languages.
Also if the name of a city/street/country, could be in any language.

Like if you search for "Hvor er Norge" or "Hvor ligger Norge", which is Danish for "Where is Norway".

It would be great to see this work for queries like "Map for...", too.

Best regards,
Casper Qvortrup.

P.S. I'm the user with the username ScreapDK, but I'm not able to log in right now. I can confirm this within the next 24 hours.
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Yes, I was the one who wrote the above reply. : )

BTW, all of the things I've suggested aboved, is about showing a map on top of the organic results/in the Zero Click Info Box.

Best regards,
Casper Qvortrup

- Forum Moderator.
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I don't get any maps when I search. I was actually unaware that DDG had maps until recently, because of this.

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Thanks! Looks like you've got a region setting set. I wasn't able to reproduce the issue until I set my region. We'll look into that! : )


DuckDuckGo Community Manager
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Hi !
Adresses in Switzerland won't work. (Maybe all French adresses ? -> I'm talking about french part of Switzerland (e.g. Geneva)).

Here are some examples :
- Rue de la Coulouvrenière 26
- Boulevard Saint-Georges
- Chemin de la Pièce 1
- 65 chemin des Verjus
(or abreviated
- bvd St-Georges
- Ch de la Pièce 1
- 65 ch. des Verjus

Generally speaking, adresses in french will start with either one of those, in order of probability (or with the adress number, then one of those, as in the last example above) :
Rue [Ex: Rue du Môle, Rue de la Coulouvrenière, Rue de l'Avenir, Rue des Contamines] - Abreviations: r./r
Route [Ex: Route Blanche, Route de Denges] - Abreviations: rte
Boulevard [Ex: Boulevard Saint-Georges, Boulevard des Tranchées] - Abreviations: bvd/bd
Avenue [Ex: Avenue Wendt, Avenue Jules-Crosnier] - Abreviations: av
Chemin [Ex: Chemin Haccius, Chemin de la Pièce] - Abreviations: ch
Place [Ex: Place de Neuve, Place du Molard] - Abreviations: pl
Cours [Ex: Cours de Rive, Cours des Bastions] - Abreviations: ???
Sentier [Ex: Sentier du Bord du Lac] - Abreviations: ???

I might be missing some... well anyways this is just for general information, if you need something more precise I may help, but I'm no OpenStreetMaps pro (at all :)). Still happy to help if you need general advice regarding francophonic adresses.

Thank you so much for your work, I'm really looking forward for this feature to work, it would be a massive step ahead !!

Nota: Right now, the results are not that bad as they show the local map service as first result, most of the time. But with no image, no integration at all, so, for most modern newbie google users, it's most likely to be experienced as a "fail of service" (don't know how to put this in english... hope it's clear :)).
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Is this more of what you were looking for?:
posted by x.15a2 Community Leader3 years and 7 months ago Link
Oh yes indeed !!
I'm sorry, did I miss the idea that we are supposed to use the "map" prefix ?

If it's the case sorry for the useless comment, but then maybe advertising the prefix in some way (like when DDG would guess that the search is an adress) would be another good idea :)
(In all cases, the optimal functoinality is not having to use the prefix ofc ;-) Maybe in conjunction with the region setting, like, DDG would guess swiss adresses automatically (without 'map') when Switzerland is the region setting ?)
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Sorry, I was a bit rushed when I provided that answer. I should say that if an address is not resolved in such a way that the map is displayed, you can preface the search with the keyword "map" in an attempt to force the map. Different locals us different addressing layouts, so not all can will be automatically resolved.

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By all means, thank you for the info :)

But the region setting be used to determine which kind of address to resolve in priority ?
(e.g. if my region is Switzerland it will interpret all "route de blahblah XX" as a map information...)
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I'd love (LOVE) some basic routing. Nothing fancy, like, but just 'A' (place) to 'B' (place) would be really handy and pretty.

Not sure if easily integratable with map box, but there are some routing algorithm implementations here:


Tried to get some working at home but I can't seem to find tools to get exported OSM data into '.osm' file format which the python script needs.
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It looks like maps are not coming up for european addresses if the word "map" is not included in the query, is that correct? That could be a little counterintuitive, especially for a local
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