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Rather than add a comment to Google Play and thus having to sign up for Google+ I am writing my comment here.

If the news articles are somehow part of a revenue stream for DuckDuckGo then I'm ok with that but I would like to know whether those articles come directly from DuckDuckGo or if they come from the individual sources. I'm guessing they come directly from DDG after being collected but I'd still like to know.

The appearance of those stories raises a few questions:

1) Why such a long list of unsorted articles? It's a lot of time spent reading sentences to figure out to what it relates. Very inefficient use of time. If articles are visible, it would make sense to allow topical separation, like sports, world news...and to make those topics selectable in the settings. It's nice that the sources are selectable in the settings, so that's a useful measure of control. If DDG is not making money from this, then I'd prefer to at least have the option of the good ol' plain search box.

2) Why tiny pieces of pictures? It just uses space. The pictures don't mean *anything*. It's high contrast visual noise.

3) Am I collecting the articles from each source individually or are they fed to me by DDG?

I'm all for supporting DDG in their bid to keep on keepin' on. The present app appearance seems like an idea was sent from a business manager to an art director to a code designer that had no power to refuse and wasn't present in any of the meetings and was told to release the app halfway through the process. It looks pretty.

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Thank you all for the many comments, questions and suggestions. Particular thanks go to user x.15a2 for constantly monitoring, replying and helping so many users here. To continue these discussions, please head over to the DuckDuckGo subreddit.

Thanks for the feedback! A little bit of background on Stories. We have been using a similar service internally for a couple years that only shows you the most interesting content on the web. We though it would make the perfect addition to the app because, using a regular RSS/feed reader means you have to find the interesting content yourself (since they show all articles posted from a source). Every article in the DuckDuckGo app should be interesting. It's the perfect thing to check out while waiting in line or when pressed for time and you just want to catch up on what's happening. We understand your frustration, though. It's not making us any, "extra" money to have the Stories--we just thought you (our users) would like them. You can disable the Stories via the Settings menu,  by selecting to show Saved or Recent searches. 

The pictures should be relevant to the articles--though there might be a case where it's unrelated. When a Story is a picture, we generally try to use that picture as the picture shown. 

Everything is generated server-side, and then sent to your phone. 


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I'm just wondering who is actively developing the Android app for DDG which is on Google Play. I seem to be regularly encountering a bug...?

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Thank you, I will check this out very shortly.
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Yeah its full of issues.
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