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Created: 8 years and 4 months ago
Sometimes on emails, tweets and forum discussions we have to give a link to a search result page. Normally what we do is opening a new tab, searching for the particular query, get the url and paste it on where we want. But sometimes it's handy if we can just type in the search url. I saw a site for doing exactly this with google.

I tried this with dukgo.com like 'dukgo.com/search term' and it ended up at https://duckduckgo.com//search term
trying this with duckduckgo.com led to the url without the extra slash. dukgo.com will be preferable in this use case since it's short. And also it'll be good there's a way of making up the search url replacing spaces with + sign (or another suitable sign).

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Thx--I believe I fixed this. Two things to note:

1) Doing ?q=search will give different results sometimes that /search. In particular, disambig pages are de-emphasized using the /.

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Used to be .com, that post was a year ago :)
http://ddg.gg/?q=search+term does redirect properly,  as does http://ddg.gg/search%20term (just type a space and your browser should convert that to %20)
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