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As part of my education as "web developer" (roughly translated : P), I've been taught about accessability.
One of the things, I've learned was related to the use of CAPTCHAs.

The problem
Most people don't have any problems solving CAPTCHAs. But for some people, it might be a hard task to complete.

E.g. a blind person wouldn't be able to solve the CAPTCHA on the "Sign up"-page, here at the Community Platform, because he/she can't see the word of the CAPTCHA.

One solution of this problem is to provide an audio version of the word as explained here.

The solution
We should give people the possibility of being able to "listen" to CAPTCHAs, at the same as the "regular" CAPTCHA is shown.

There is already a script available, that makes this possible. It is named Securimage, and it is really customizable.... Sorry, Getty, it's made in PHP. ; )

That's just my two cents, but don't hestiate to ask if there's anything you want to know! : )

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I don't get it.
posted by whardo 5 years and 3 months ago Link

A so-called CAPTCHA is a little "puzzle" or "task" people has to solve, before they are allowed to do things on some websites, like signing up.

Often these puzzle requires the user to do a task, that is not easy, or maybe even impossible, for some people. For example people with poor sight and blind people.

The above post was meant as a suggestion, for the DuckDuckGo team, on how they can make their website, more accessible / "better" to blind people.

It is not something you, as a general user of DuckDuckGo, should to be worried about. : ) It does not affect your use of DuckDuckGo. : )
It was just a technical tip for the site admin on DDG.

I hope this makes sense. Sorry, for the confusion! : )
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it is not just blind people who have a problem with captchas. i used to struggle with the 27 character puzzles i was presented with. there is a visual impairment spectrum. the 3 letter captchas as in ddg2 are ok as the characters are separated and not "weird". but vanishingly small fonts in dialogues are a design fault. people with disability also sometime cannot deal with massive dense packed text. i'm not an expert in this field but maybe there is a charity [the equivalent of our "royal national institute for the blind"]. jack
posted by jackspider 5 years and 3 months ago Link
You mean as configurable as our existing Captcha thing? :)
posted by getty 5 years and 3 months ago Link
That looks like a nice module!
Although, I can't figure out whether or not, it supports audio-CAPTCHAs, which actually was my biggest "concern". Is doesn't support that, right?

But yes, it would indeed be nice to make "less crackable" images for the CAPTCHA! : )
posted by ScreapDK Community Leader5 years and 3 months ago Link
BTW, just quick side note: If you're looking for font that (afaik) can't be read by OCR software you should check out ZXX.
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