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please credit me for the title :)

one thing that majorly majorly sucks about github is the completely lack of privacy controls.

as an example, here is someone elses experiences -

for myself, i have found trolls commenting on my patches and code. all i can do is turn off notifications. blocking them, doesnt actually block them - it just hides their name from my view.

linus himself commented that the worst part of github was that you couldnt disable pull requests. see

obviously there are alternatives to github. gitosis for one, sourceforge is still there, is nice and old school as well, and atlassian has bitbucket i think (though ive not used it)

perhaps there is an opportunity there to team up with a less known code hosting provider, or start one (perhaps using gitolite or other open source code) and bring the duckduckgo magic to code hosting.

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The first example is an extreme case, and probably not something DDG will have to think about. Also, the follow up post should be noted as well:

And even if those problems actually where common, they alone can't be used as an argument to migrate to an alternative. It is simply not relevant which problems other projects runs into when using GitHub, the only thing that is relevant is what problems DDG run into. If DDG have the problems stated above, then it's relevant, not else.

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actually, git makes it incredibly simple to jump from hosting platform to hosting platform. and with your web content on a branch its even easier.

its very common to see projects using both github and sourceforge, and also common to see them having a backup on

anyway, its an idea and i understand that its quite far way from the core searching function of duck duck go. but i think that the problem i have highlighted is a real one and one that can be exploited to provide a differentiated product
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