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Created: 7 years and 10 months ago
I propose that we implement this into DDG. This could be implemented in two ways:

1) On actual searches, i.e. Next to a search result, these icons could be displayed, stating how private the site is. This would function much like WOT ratings (I think).

2) On DDG itself as part of its Privacy Policy, i.e. these icons could be added to the DDG privacy policy as a "certificate" of privacy. But maybe that's stupid.

In any case, I may be misreading/forgetting something, but I don't see who decides which sites deserves which icon. In any case, I think that a WOT-like use, with the relevant icons displayed next to the search result showing how private it is would be a good feature to implement. Alternatively, a summary with something like "This website has: very good/good/medium/bad/no privacy policy", with a "Learn more" next to it could also work. However, this would depend on each of the icons having a coefficient which would then be used to calculate the privacy level.


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I've seen these before and they are a nice idea though I find the pictures a bit non-intuitive (or at least not immediately clear) especially at small sizes.

The bigger problem though as you allude to is that it is a self-identification system so no one is out there tagging sites with these (as far as I know) like WOT. 
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Makes sense, just thought I should mention it! Thanks for your prompt response (as always) :)
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That last guest was me, sorry... I need to stop doing that.
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How about using dissconnect privacy icons
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