Chrome or Firefox Extensions

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Created: 8 years and 1 month ago
How about a Chrome or Firefox Extension?

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To do what? You can already add it as a search engine in Firefox and Chrome...
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 8 years and 1 month ago Link
There can be some great things done with Chrome and Firefox extensions.  Search can be installed in it.
posted by [Old Forum eric.leebow] • 8 years and 1 month ago Link
We had a Firefox extension for a while, but it didn't get used much. The feature it offered was preventing you from going to parked domains. If there are other compelling features, I'm not opposed to make one, but I don't see the hook yet.
posted by yegg Staff8 years and 1 month ago Link
Gabriel, is a Firefox toolbar on the agenda? I thought I saw it in the Firefox plug-in index, but nothing seems to come down the line.
posted by [Old Forum jackyan] • 7 years and 11 months ago Link
What do you mean about nothing coming down the line? There should be two plugins in there that add DDG to the search box (one for SSL).

We actually used to have a more full toolbar that had the main feature of stopping you going to parked domains. But this wasn't really a hit, so I took it down.

What would you want to see out of a toolbar?
posted by yegg Staff7 years and 11 months ago Link