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If DuckDuckGo comes up in conversation, what are the ways someone should explain it to a newbie, and in which order?

More Private
Better Results
Zero Click   

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I'd love to know everyone's experiences, but I personally find 0-click the easiest to explain and excite people. 
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Yes, Zero Click is a good word.  Most normal people have a challenge grasping the bang feature.  If you give them the !bang for Google or IMDB, they might say, "Why can't I just go to Google or IMDB?"
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Me: "Dude, check this out"
Friend: "What?"
Me: *navigate to*
Friend: "Oh, is that a site about the simpsons?"
Me: "No, it's just a search engine. I can search for anything" *Searches for Apple*
Friend: "Okay, I'm gonna need you to mail me that link."

Quick, easy and effective!
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Excellent example!
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I don't think there's a general best way of introducing DDG to a newbie, except the obvious: Find out what & how the newbie currently does websearching, and then personally adapt the DDG introduction.

One important tip on promoting DDG: Hunt for dissatisfied Google users in the Google WebSearch Forum
- an example: in Thread: "Google search barely works anymore"

BTW: Around the time, when Google Instant was released, I did make some notes on other engine, which I found promising.
Not sure if you can use them, but the again - you might; So, below's a Cut&Paste.
Suggestions for other engines:
* Bing Image Search
   - ex.

  Bing Image Search partly beats Google Image Search, because
  Bing got more and easier accessible options for selecting result list-type/rendering-type see [Ref.1] below
  BTW: Hovering over one of the thumbnails will allow a search for "similar" images
  [Ref.1]: Screencut: Bing Image Search (with notes)
Suggestions for other engines:
* DuckDuckGo (DDG)
  Very nice & clean, what some users have been screaming for.
   - Especially when looking at the "Settings" page.
   - and a few nice shortcuts (see under "Goodies")
   - Ref. the "!Bang" operator: !g takes you to Google
   - UI rendering control, also via query string parameters are available & documented, via FAQ.
   - Search Operators doesn't seem documented, so some trial & error ahead:
     - The site:-operator works like on Google, Bing, etc.
     - The IP:-operator isn't available (you still gotta use Bing for that)
       But! First hit by DuckDuckGo links the IP to a Google Map
              - ex. Here's one search
                you'll get link to map for Mountain View, California, United States (94043)
I came by an article (a review) about the DuckDuckGo search engine.

In my perspective, there are at least two important key factors for recommending a search engine:
1. Quality & Abundance of the WWW must be reflected in search results (yeah, obvious requirement).
2. Durability & Consistency; Results should improve over time, and time should not kill the site.
By "time should not kill the site" I'm referring to the fact that too many search engines has started out as promising new rising stars, only months later to get closed when it turned out that unrealistic exceptions (held by their owners) was not meet.

My initial fiddlings with DuckDuckGo and information in the article, seems to suggest that both of above criteria are meet.
Suggestions for other engines:
* Keyboardr has existed for nearly two years.
  Keyboardr is almost as clean as can be.
  GUI can be operated extremely intuitive & efficient using only cursor keys, tab and return.
  There are no settings to fiddle with.
  Search operator support is same as Google.
  Search-as-you-type, but without suggestions (I like that omission)
  Delivers result types: Web, Blogs, Images, Wikipedia, YouTube
  - All result type also has a "All Results"-link to Google.
    Though little needed due to the Search-as-you-type and Google search-operator support.

Snag: Browser Settings must allow pop-up windows for
          - It doesn't create pop-up's; it highly likely just because the opening of link
            in a the new browser tab/window is implemented "wrong".

Overall: Disconnect your mouse, and let your cat play with it.

(Fun fact: Keyboardr was made by two young computer geeks, - but there not named Larry & Sergey.)

Thomas P.
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For me, better results is the first reason, and privacy the second. I find for the most part, Duck Duck Go delivers better results. Google’s advantage is understanding some of the word pairings, but its index is no longer comprehensive.

One of my tests is mentioned on my blog here:

under the photograph of Elle Macpherson.
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