Bangs for Firefox and Chrome addon search

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Created: 8 years and 5 months ago
First, Thumbs up for the great work, DDG.

Since the title is self explanatory I would like to expand on the idea. First I should admit that I'm not certain how !bang works but looking at how !hn works I think the bang just use to perform the search. This is ok with because it's results are pretty good. But a problem I have with Firefox addon search is that it doesn't really have great search features. Searching stuff with bland keywords doesn't come up with any result at all. Since ddg does the search well, I'd like if ddg can perform !bang using it's index and algo, at least for the sites with not-so awesome-search.

And also something else that came in my mind just now.
Honestly I have come to a point that I trust DDG with data I want to share on the internet. I trust wordpress, I used to trust google so I put my stuff in their hands without any fear. So what I expect from ddg is to implement a service that store stuff that WE WANT TO be indexed at ddg and let us search through those when we want, Someday maybe :) .

Good Luck!

PS : Oh where's my !bang for creativecommons search?

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I'll add those add-on searches. The idea is that third-party search engines are good for certain verticals and in those cases we let you quickly get to them.

There are a few cases where the collection doesn't have its own engine, and so I've turned it into a site: query on DDG. But for ones that have an engine, I figure you want to go there or else you could just search 'x firefox addon' or 'x'.

Creative commons search is !cc :)
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!firefox & !chrome are live.
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