Contextual Bang Recommendations

[Old Forum eric.leebow] anonymous
Created: 8 years and 4 months ago
Enter something that you think can be used as a bang search term, and DuckDuckGo would provide, "Did you know you can use a !bang for this?"  

What do you think of this idea?

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That would be nice, maybe even have an autocomplete suggestion box for !bangs. I for one haev a hard time remembering all the !bangs.

posted by [Old Forum forwardslash] • 8 years and 4 months ago Link
I should definitely do auto-complete, but I think I'm already doing what you are suggesting. See the top of:
posted by yegg Staff8 years and 4 months ago Link
Shouldn't it add !php to the search result when you click on it? Not sure it's working as it's supposed to work.
posted by [Old Forum eric.leebow] • 8 years and 4 months ago Link