The Demise of Cuil

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Now that Cuil is no longer, DuckDuckGo continues to keep and up and does anyone go there. If so, why?  How can we prevent happening to DuckDuckGo what happened to Cuil?  It seems like the management at DuckDuckGo is better, yet Cuil was able to raise boatloads of capital before it shut down.

What's next in search for DuckDuckGo, and does the demise of Cuil give it promise for its future, or is it a sign that we should not get so comfortable with DuckDuckGo?

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Cuil raised an insane amount of money with the expectation of challenging Google head-on. The benchmarks were set very high, and when they weren't met, most investors probably didn't want to take on any more risk. Essentially Cuil was solving for a scale problem that didn't yet exist.

DDG seems to be quite different and much more modest in all facets, which gives me much more confidence in DDGs long-term prospects. 
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Very true, they were shooting for the moon with Cuil, and hit something else I believe.  DuckDuckGo is modest, yet its management is not oppossed to making it a bigger player. I think they're on target with making it a great search engine, yet my concern is they don't seem to have any way of making money.  It's interesting, sometimes the ones who don't care about making it big, make it bigger than the ones who went all out, such in this case Cuil.
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I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Cuil was in a different situation than DuckDuckGo. Since they had $3 Billion invested in it, they really needed it to make money. Also, they had employees and likely a bunch of other expenses.

DuckDuckGo on the other hand just runs on funds from Weinberg's own pocket and I'm pretty sure he has no employees. It should be even more clear they are not in the same boat since, DuckDuckGo has been kicking around longer than Cuil.

That's isn't to say it won't ever disappear or anything. It's widely known that most startups don't make it after the first 2 years and the ones that do most don't make it after something like 5 years.
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