Mobile version of duck duck go

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Created: 6 years and 21 days ago

was just wondering if there are any plans to develop a mobile-friendly version of DDG that would rival google's offering! would really love to see DDG's clean interface and awesome features like zero-click info and stuff on a mobile device. also, start to end google's domination (nearly 100% share of mobile search) in the mobile environment.



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I don't know about rivaling Google's offering :), but we already have a bunch of mobile stuff and would love feedback on it.

  • The Web interface should be mobilized automatically if you visit on Android/iPhone. It just gets smaller, but the zero-click and such should all be there.
  • We have an iPhone/iPad app that takes the 0-click concept further. It goes out and grabs relevant paragraphs from sites in real time and displays them.
  • Similar¬†Android/Blackberry apps are nearing completion.
  • Also the lite version works pretty well on other mobile devices:
Let us know what you think and if you have ideas for improvement!
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