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There's a nutrition database available from US gov, can't find the link at the moment but it's out there. There are many SEO sites based on this. It would be nice if there were some zero click info on nutrition, in particular you can make a label and convert to metric or standard portion sizes.

Thumbnails for comic strips
Very often I search for a comic strip I've already seen to send the url to a friend. It would be nice to have thumbnails for comic strips so you can tell the precise one instead of having to click and back over several links. For example the other day I was searching for XKCD's and had to click a few times. Note I don't mean ripping the full sized readable strip but giving a reduced thumbnail like Google Images does.

Compiler and CPU instructions
It would be nice to have zero click info on instructions and functions from pages on Microsoft, Intel, etc. Those pages are a real pain to search because usually forum pages or articles pop up above the manuals. Also this info is usually available on downloadable PDF. My friends working on electronics complain all the time about this problem, too.

There's a lot of Creative Commons fan base information on sites like Wikia for zero click.

Parts and models
For some strange reason many big manufacturers have terrible search engines and chaotic ever-changing websites. This happens with things like notebook models to hard drives. It would be nice to have some sort of !toshiba <part> or !dell <part> and have the right results.

Thanks again, I'm loving DDG more and more by the hour! :)


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Music samples
Many songs have <30 second samples on Wikipedia. For example The Beatle's "Blackbird." It would be really cool to have a link to those samples available on zero click blocks or something like that. AFAIK this is fair use and many sites do it. You can probably add a "Buy this song at" link/referrer.
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I really like the idea of the 30s song sample.
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Financial data
Financial data is available from Yahoo and Google Finance. It would be nice to have zero click on this. In fact it is possible to do some basic HTML5 graphics with the customer querying the JSON apis. So this shouldn't put a big strain on your servers.

If you'd like some help on this, I've done a while back some demos with this and have available code. It's not as hard as it sounds, it's mostly about knowing what to pull from where. Yahoo Finance's JSON API is much nicer than Google's.
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This is the nutrition database

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A lot of good stuff here--thx. Finding good provider/APIs/databses is often the barrier, and then time.

--nutrition: this is in there now via WolframAlpha, e.g. I'm not sure I understand the conversion request, but that should be also be able to be handled by WA. If you show me some queries, I could try to get them to work.

--wikia: I actually have a lot of the biggest ones already indexed into 0-click already; about 20 of them I think. If there are particular ones you're thinking about, just let me know.

--thumbnails: I started adding them to the right of search results via the API. I'll ping them about comic sites. I wonder though, are people finding these useful?

--parts & models: I was planning on doing this via the Amazon API. I presume they cover most of the kind of things you're searching for?

--compiler/cpu: can you give some examples here?

--music samples: like this. But how would it come up; when you search for a song name?

--financial data: oft request and something I need to do. I may pull this in from WA. Is the data they provide satisfactory?
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A lot of good stuff here--thx. Finding good provider/APIs/databses is often the barrier, and then time. 
Thank you! And yeah, time...

  • Nutrition: I mean to have something like a nutrition facts label for searches on "peanut butter" or "doritos."
  • Wikia: great!
  • thumbnails: mos def, though is it me or loading them delayed shakes a bit the results page on adjusting? if it's so, perhaps you can limit their dimensions with CSS or something along the lines.
  • parts & models: I don't know about Amazon API, do they provide part information? It would be killer to have a search "toshiba satellite XYZ" and land on the product's technical details page (same for Samsung, Dell, etc.)
  • compiler/cpu: search for compiler intrinsics _mm_alignr_epi8 and the result gives a very small MSDN page with a short description, Intel's (original) page nowhere in sight. Note Google is even worse as results are usually plagued with forums and such.
  • music samples: yeah, "the beatles blackbird" does already show on top the link to the Wikipedia page, what about a little div with the clip ready to play? :)
  • financial data: What's "WA"?

It's weird to speak almost real-time about features on a site like this. You're a legend!


Edit: example of Nutrition Data  that data is pulled from the public database and made nice into those graphs.

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