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Created: 6 years and 10 days ago
"This wiki is a catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction." I know there are hundreds of Wikis for an equally large number of topics (you can't possibly add them all), but this one is quite broad, large, and content-rich. If nothing else, it contains the synopsis and official site for quite a few pieces of fiction not notable enough for Wikipedia.

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For future reference, the official DDG !Bang submission page is available here and the official DDG Zero-Click submission page (albeit for specific searches only) is available here.
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Sorry about forgetting the !bang submission page. Unfortunately, I can't use the zero-click page (at least, not without flooding poor Gabriel with automated posts...).

posted by [Old Forum notriddle] • 6 years and 8 days ago Link
Unfortunately, I can't do the work myself. But I can certainly try to help:

posted by [Old Forum notriddle] • 6 years and 8 days ago Link
Looks like a useful wiki! What does your script do exactly? 
posted by yegg Staff6 years and 7 days ago Link
You download a page from TV tropes (Save Link As, etc), and pass the filename as the argument. For example, I run it as:

./ FluffyAndMervin.html

It'll produce the metadata I've got it to extract from the page. The "print" statements are right at the end, printing some variables that would be better used elsewhere.
posted by [Old Forum notriddle] • 6 years and 4 days ago Link
Do they produce a dump of the whole site? 
posted by yegg Staff6 years and 3 days ago Link
I don't see a space where they dump the site. The closest thing they provide is an RSS feed of recent changes, so you'll only need to do a complete scan of the whole site once (the rest is incremental).

I'll contact them to see if I'm wrong, or if they'll generate one because I ask nicely.

posted by [Old Forum notriddle] • 6 years and 3 days ago Link