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I accidentally deleted a post by ehoque about the Bing TOS and various parts that DDG might be violating. My view is that Microsoft (and Yahoo and others) know who we are and what we're doing and they don't have a problem with it.

I think people get too scared off with TOS. Lawyers write that to prevent abuse but that doesn't mean the operational people really care about each and every point in every situation.

DDG seems to be the model use for these APIs, and I get that sense when talking with them.

As for particulars, I have attribution on the FAQ page. I do differentiate other sources, e.g. the 0-click box. 

I do remove spam, but I don't think this violates the spirit of that requirement either. They are concerned with people mining their data, i.e. querying lots of stuff and not displaying it ever to end users.

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Good to know Gabriel.

One little thing though; you mention you do differentiate other sources. While this is very clear for the 0-click info, I don't see how you're differentiating between results coming from Bing vs. BOSS vs. "crowd-sourced sites", which you mention as being your sources in the FAQ. I suppose this is one of those things they don't really care about and is just mentioned to fend off some type of abuse, as you say.
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I generally don't mix BOSS & Bing. Wrt to crowd sourced sites, they're mainly used for 0-click, but there are some links too. In those cases, those links are generally on top and look different, i.e. a link that just says Twitter or a description with the snippet starting on the same line.
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