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Al buscar muchos 000000000000000000000000000000000000000 en el buscador de Duck Duck Go
Se redirreciona automaticamente a una página de FEDEX WTF?

Javier Villalba

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That's because DDG tries to autodetect tracking numbers, and that's how many digits a FedEx number has. What results were you trying to find?

Google's auto-translation/traducción automática de Google:

Esto se debe a DDG intenta detectar automáticamente los números de seguimiento, y eso es cuántos dígitos tiene un número de FedEx. ¿Qué resultados se está tratando de encontrar?
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(My last reply was marked as spam, so let me try this again.)

Similar problem from a few weeks ago: http://duck.co/topic/auto-banging-do-not-want
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Sorry, I changed that code and thought this was fixed -- will investigate and fix.
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Was a different issue but should be fixed now.
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