Let me tell if you google has better search results.

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Created: 8 years and 5 months ago
it seems like that data must be useful.  I have ddg as my default search but often find myself trying google after a ddg search that doesn't turn up what I am looking for. 

 I know you don't want to send people away but I *want* a 'try this search in google' button.  You can even put it in an iframe, or even better, would be to just have a little ajax request I could make for whatever links google has on it's page for the same search that are not showing on ddg's search results.

search for: 'foo' would have results like:

google                        ddg
foo-abc                       foo-abc
foo-zzz                       foo-yyy
foo-xxx                       foo-xxx

And I would be able to click 'what does google have' and `foo-zzz' will pop up. 

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In the past there has been links to get to Google quicker, but it seemed people were using them as a crutch and not giving DDG a chance. I understand this is not what you're doing, however. This is why I added the short !bang shortcut, !g. It's pretty quick--just hit / or h to get to the search box and then add !g to the end.
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Yeah that's good enough actually, once my fingers learn to keep up with what my mind is trying to find.

I still think, if you could potentially make sure of the data, that a 'google is better for this search'  type button could be useful in the long run.  

You obviously don't have the resources to keep up with what google is doing, but I would much rather use ddg than google, but sometimes google's results are a clear winner.  If over time, dedicated users could point that out and your system somehow learn from it (I understand that it's a lot of work to implement the learning, but you could start collecting data well before then) it would encourage people to stick with ddg as their default search.

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