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Created: 8 years and 5 months ago
I think it would be a great idea if DuckDuckGo were to support some Community Driven features, for example the ability to add Official Webpages and potentially select which Zero-Click box is best suited for a particular search query.

I realize that spam could be a potential threat to this feature, however think that with proper implementation this could be a major competitive edge for DuckDuckGo (on top of it's many others).

One idea I have for implementation, a Reddit-like system for up-voting and down-voting user inputed content. Users could be vetted by the community, and the first generation of users of this system would be those interested in helping who have taken previous interest in DDG's development.

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I would love to find a way to create a community around the zero-click info, and I've actually implemented a lot of what you said, though it is now hidden. I think the current implementation needs some work, but I'll show it to you and you can see what I started doing.

It started with input like this:

Then it would relate to a voting page like this:

I didn't create much of a backend yet for it though, and I wasn't sure exactly where to take it or engage a larger community in its design/use.

Basically, I launched this MVP and it almost immediately got overrun by spam and/or people weren't usefully submitting info. They were just submitting their site with their marketing text.

Originally, I thought you could have like a button system and add a badge to say a blog post about a certain topic. You could mark up that page with the snippet image and I would crawl it and pull out the info. Then your users could add their vote for it directly from the site. But the whole markup thing seemed confusing so I fell back to this current submission model.

Again, I very much welcome this discussion!
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Thanks for posting your current implementation.

I think besides Zero Click Info for submitting / voting, the ability to add an official site would also be helpful.
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The spam issue can be easily fixed if you can have a white-list of domains for Zero-click content. 
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