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Created: 8 years and 6 months ago
I do a lot of search for colleges, to find out information about them, as I use this information for the social networking site I'm launching for college students and alumni. I found the CollegeBoard to be a reputable site to offer quick facts, and easy to read information. It's also much quicker to go to the CollegeBoard website than it's to go to school's site when you're looking for basic facts about the college.  A bang for CollegeBoard would search for the colleges.  There are 2 searches on the CollegeBoard website.  There is search the site, and search for college.  I'm talking about search for college. 

I just searched for MIT, this is what it looks like.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Thx for the suggestion--will do on next !bang update.
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Great, any other college sites would be cool as well in the future :)
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