Bangs incomplete match

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Created: 8 years and 2 months ago
It would be nice if I could use for instance not only:

  1. !a
  2. !amazon

But also all unique start variations like:

  1. !amazo
  2. !amaz
  3. !ama
  4. !am

And have all of the above also search amazon. In case multiple bang match (like !c would match !cpp !csharp etc) then display an error message.

What do you think?

BTW keep up the good work, I love DDG!

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I was planning to doing this as part of autocomplete but it does seem to make sense. I'll put it on the list to check out.
posted by yegg Staff8 years and 2 months ago Link
I just looked into this a bunch. This seems perfect for autocomplete, but a bit weird if you don't have that feedback because you can get taken somewhere you didn't expect. I really should just implement the shortened versions that people are using, so if you see yourself trying to use them, just let me know. Otherwise, I have this on the autocomplete feature list.
posted by yegg Staff8 years and 2 months ago Link
Ok thanks! For now I think it is ok, most of the bangs I need are already there.
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 8 years and 2 months ago Link