DuckDuckGo vs. Cuil & CPedia vs. Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha

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The search engine market is competitive.  Years ago, there were only a handful of search engines.  Now, there are literally hundreds.  Two search engines that come to mind that are going head to head are DuckDuckGo and Cuil.  It seems that DuckDuckGo has a rivalry with Cuil, seeing that it created and, and Wikipedia it's not as much a rivalry, yet it's more so sending traffic to them. 

What's DuckDuckGo trying to do different that Cuil?  How is DuckDuckGo taking off where Cuil is not? 

Would be interested in seeing an overview of all of these competitors and what value each is trying to provide in search engines, and what advantage DuckDuckGo has over the others.  Why should people go to DuckDuckGo over Cuil and Cpedia, or even Wikipedia?  Does DuckDuckGo see itself as a replacement to Wolfram Alpha?

Other than Google, here are 4 search engines that are going up against each other, and the battle is heating up.


Cuil and Cpedia


Wolfram Alpha

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you seem to be comparing apples to oranges. WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine, wikipedia a user based collaborative knowledge base, and so on. as far as cuill is concerned, the relevance of query results seem poor. DDG offers that edge that other engines do not have. DDG incorporates WolframAlpha results when applicable. 
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Good way to sum it up, it would be interesting to hear what others think. There is definitely overlap, and it's good that DDG provides Wolfram Alpha results, yet why not Cuil?
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