Demonstrate the "less spam in the search results" aspect on the About page

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Currently the 3 main areas that make DDG specific are :
1. privacy
2. 0-click info
3. less spam in the search results

The first one is very well explained on this page, the second is quite obvious if you do a random search, however the last one can be a bit obscure.

A good way to demonstrate this could be to add an example of query that shows a lot of ads on Google, and the same query done on Duck Duck Go, to show how the result page is cleaner.
Because some users are using ad-blocking in their browser, and totally forget that Google SERPs are full of ads, also show another page where there is obvious SEO spam in the results.
I also think it would be great to explain a bit that there is a DDG specific technology to detect and remove spam in the results, without giving too much details of course. I actually learned about it in the Youtube interview posted on this forum, and it does not seem to be documented on the site.

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I did have stuff like this at various other points. I backed off because it is a bit difficult to explain and Google is constantly changing their SERPs.

There are two ways I found that are pretty simple though, and I wonder what you think of those.

1) A query on Google that has a ton of ads above results, e.g. though one could argue the top ad is useful. 

2) I remove 60M spam domains from results. The problem is I'm sure Google removes millions as well.

I had done a bit of studying of Google Web spam and wrote it up here:

The problem with that though is it says nothing of actual rankings, e.g. see comments at

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