Auto Detect !Bang with a Big !Bang Button

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Created: 8 years and 6 months ago
Here's a big idea for DuckDuckGo, and could see them doing this in the future.  They would automatically detect a word or grouping of words and let you know when it can be searched with the !bang feature.  For instance, if you entered a group of lyrics, it would detect you entered lyrics and provide the !lyrics bang for you without having to enter !lyrics, it would simply provide a big bang button for you.

If you entered a music group, such as U2, a Big Bang button would appear with a list of all the ways you could use !bang search feature.  You could also do multiple bangs at once, such as !music !concerts, !youtube etc.  

What does everyone think of this idea, or is it just me who thinks it's super cool because I thought of this idea first! 

Would love to have feedback on this idea.

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Just wondering, how do you suppose a multiple !Bang would work?
Open a bunch of iframes with each !bang's target or just spam you with a bunch of new tabs?
And of course you'd have to support ambiguous bangs, like typing Apple could mean you want to search on or on some kind of apple recipe website.

Sounds like a useful idea, but one that would be a bit impractical to implement.
posted by [Old Forum jake-denis] • 8 years and 6 months ago Link
Possibly, or pop ups in new windows or tabs, either tabs built into the site or tabs on your browser.  I came up with the multi bang idea to solve the problem with searchers who like to search a few sites at a time.  

For instance, you enter the band name U2, and tabbed images would be shown of sites you can use the bang feature, and you can simply click on them and they would open up.

Yes, ambiguous bangs would be good, too!

It's a brilliant feature!
posted by [Old Forum eric.leebow] • 8 years and 6 months ago Link
I think opening a lot of tabs automatically could be pretty confusing. However, maybe there is a balance to be struck.

For example, check out The first link is actual multiple links where I've consolidated reviews. You could have a similar thing where it said like "Search <x> at a, b, c and then a button to open all of them at once.

That being said, I'm not yet clear on the compelling use case. Maybe it is best for just something like music or movies.
posted by yegg Staff8 years and 6 months ago Link
Use case for the super searcher, who wants to search many places at once.  Yes, something like that would work, and automatically opening would not be good, yet automatically showing a few bang commands would be. The only use case where automatically opening would be if the user would press a button that said "Open All At Once" as they do on the travel sites that search more than one site.

Take a site such as where you can search multiple travel booking sites.  It could be a similar concept.

Some people just want a lot of information at one time.
posted by [Old Forum eric.leebow] • 8 years and 6 months ago Link
I really don't like sites that open multiple popups. It always annoys me at kayak when I forget to uncheck the boxes for the other sites.
posted by [Old Forum nfriedly] • 8 years and 6 months ago Link
It doesn't have to work that way.
posted by [Old Forum eric.leebow] • 8 years and 6 months ago Link