Red box around wikipedia zero-click info items

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Created: 8 years and 5 months ago
I've always found keyboard navigation confusing when there is a zero-click info box.  I almost always want to go to the wikipedia article when this shows and the red box makes me think the cursor is on this item.  So I hit enter and go to the first search result instead thus thoroughly confusing myself.  To do what I find the natural thing I instead have to scroll the cursor up by hitting 'k'.  Could the red box be demphasized or preferably could hitting enter just take you to the zero-click info web page?

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Previously I had the first result highlighted but this was causing confusion that it was an ad, so I took that initial highlighting off, but I see your point that then it seems the 0-click box is highlighted.

I do think it could use a UI improvement, e.g. de-emphasizing like you say. I'm open to suggestions there if anyone has any particular change ideas.

As for making it the default, I tried this for a while but it caused more confusion than having the first link be the default. I could, however, make a keyboard shortcut to auto-go to that result. Thoughts on that idea?
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this in the future. They would automatically detect a word or grouping of words and let you know when it can be searched with the !bang feature. motorcycle jacket
For instance, if you entered a group of lyrics, it would detect you entered lyrics and provide the !lyrics bang for you without having to enter !lyrics, it would simply provide a big bang button for you.
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