When searching for acadamic papers do not directly link to PDF

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Created: 8 years and 28 days ago

I am a great fan of DDG and very much like all of the little nifty things which are so carefully introduced in it. But lately there is one thing which made me switch back my default engine to Google again. 

Currently, I am searching for a lot of academic papers for my thesis as well as publication. When I search for a paper, DDG as well as Google find it. The difference between the two is that sometimes (quite often) DDG automatically (smartly ?) links directly to the PDF, while google links to the citation page (pubmed, IEEE, etc.) with as an "indented" search result the actual PDF. The problem is that most often you actually want the citation page. For me for the most important reason to be able to quickly import it into my Mendeley account (plugin enables to auto-import from citation page), as well as some other minor reasons.

Example of google:

I would love to either always link to the citation page hosting the PDF instead of the actual PDF, or similar behaviour as google (though DDG has no indenting).

Noticed this is actually a bad example as DDG does not link directly to the PDF in this case. ;)

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Could you give me some examples--I already have some code around this area and could expand it!
posted by yegg Staff8 years and 27 days ago Link
As soon as I'm home again, which is prob. tomorrow evening (GMT+1 so tomorrow morning for you guys) I will post some examples.

Thanks for the response!
posted by [Old Forum bastijn] • 8 years and 27 days ago Link
Would there be something that DDG could do to make addition into Mendeley even easier than Google?
posted by [Old Forum jordan5] • 8 years and 27 days ago Link
Hm, did you made a change already? Somehow I can't find any examples anymore. DDG seems to work just fine, might be the "can't find it when you need it" but I think I had just some bad luck.

One favor I would like to ask is to introduce "cited by xx people" as shown on the pic below (yellow part; here it is in dutch but it says cited by):

While DDG lists it like:

Note also how Google gives some indication about the author (just before the "cited by" part) which I often use for quick checking if the page leads to the citation I want or to one with a title just like it.

I do get used to the logos though, they are quick indicators to check if it leads to one of the well known citation pages :).

@Jordan5: Good question, I will think about that, but maybe a separate thread would help as I expect other people might be using it as well. They will not look in this thread. First things to pop into my mind:

First ideas but this is just brainstorm
  • a !mendeley or something searching only on pages where you mendeley importer works, the list of pages that work with the importer can be found @ http://www.mendeley.com/import/ . In general these are probably the pages you'll search for anyways. ==> possible threat: not everyone (though I think very few) might use the web importer but they can still search without the !mendeley.
  • Instead of !mendeley give some sort of indication that the site is supporting mendeley import (e.g. is in the list above).
But I will think about this, again, good question :).

*Note: I hereby switch back to DDG as default search engine :). When I come across the behaviour I started this thread for in the first place, I will email :).

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* did you made --> did you make :) .. *doh*
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I created a request for a !mendeley bang here.
posted by [Old Forum alexander] • 8 years and 26 days ago Link
Found one again:

note how google's hit to Portal ACM is linking to the citation page: http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=987661

While DDG is linking to the PDF directly (first search result, the portal one). Note how it also doesn't have the [PDF] tag in front of the result while the princeton hit at http://duckduckgo.com/?q=highlight+lines+for+conveying+shape does have this tag, indicating it is a direct link to PDF.

Also, http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=highlight lines for conveying shape lists a Portal ACM result while DDG does not, while Portal ACM is one of the primary suppliers and is expected to show up when available. 
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Thx for the specific example. I fixed the [PDF] part in this case--I know that was the small fix :)

Looking more closely at the code, it does like the right code is in place to substitute the main page for the PDF when found, but in the case it wasn't found.
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Did you already pop it in DuckDuckGo.com / thor.ddg.com ? When I query it it does still result in the PDF being linked. 


And at ddg.com

Note that DDG does at least say it links to a PDF while thor.ddg does not ? :)
posted by [Old Forum bastijn] • 8 years and 19 days ago Link
Yup, I added that [PDF] on the main site--thor hasn't been updated in a while. I couldn't fix this particular case in terms of the main link because it isn't being returned in close proximity. But it should be better in the general case now.
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