Can !bang(s) be rendered on the DDG page itself, rather than directing to queried site itself ?

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Created: 8 years and 3 months ago
I hit the feedback button as well, sorry for the redundancy.

Anyway, wouldn't it better if the bang results were rendered on the DDG page itself, or a summary of them instead of redirecting to the actual site ? I have no clue if this is achievable or how much overhead will it add, but for some sites, like slashdot, I find it faster to go to the site first, and then search there. 

Nevertheless, its a great, usable feature.

Thanks for DDG.

Cheers. :)

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You mean a site: query? You can of course achieve that by doing site:, but there could be a shortcut for it I suppose. The idea was that their search engine would be better suited for searching their content.

I don't get the speed argument though--it redirects right to their search engine so it should be faster than going to their site and searching (skips several http requests).
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