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Created: 8 years and 4 months ago
DuckDuckGo needs a better calculator. I should be able to enter anything in it. DuckDuckGo is very much behind in its Math calculations.

I should enter:

Eight Squared = 64
Euler's constant = 0.577215665 
Pi = 3.14159265 

So many more, don't even want to get into it!  

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I have just submitted a feedback asking for proper unit handling too.

Stuff like:

// named values
1 billion / 100 million = 10

// representing the value with the biggest prefix possible
(2^32) * bytes = 4 gigabytes

// conversion of physics units (joules/second = watts)
(32 joules) / (5 seconds) = 6.4 watts

// dividing dimensionless values by time and answering with the biggest unit possible
1 000 000 / (3 per second) = 3.85802469 days

It doesn't have to be as complete as the Frink programming language, or even include all 4 features listed above, but I'm finding myself more and more making calculations with units and prefixes.
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Hey, thx for looking at this stuff. The calculator is actually quite decent because we send all the complex stuff off to WolframAlpha, which is awesome. For example,^2=0 or^2 etc.

Specific queries like the above are very helpful though so I can expand what is sent over there. I'll work on the above.
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Great!  Is anyone doing Calculus in natural language?  For instance, it would be great to have in the next 10 years!

"What is the Integral of 3x+5x^2?"

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