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Created: 8 years and 3 months ago
Hi Guys,

I've already emailed this idea to ddg but thought it would be good to post here for community review

My fall back search engine is google australia, currently there is no !bang for google australia - but i think an interesting alternative would be !gl 
- this would auto search the local google for that user based on IP or from settings
- ie google uk for english people, google australia for me, google cn for chinese etc...

any thoughts



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I obviously don't store the IP, but have been trying not to use it for anything in addition at query time. It is not really a privacy violation, but I just have been able to get away with it so far and it has been nice that way.

I think I emailed this back to you, but the way it works now for UK is if you have that region set, !g goes to guk. I could expand that to work for other regions, e.g. AU. Does that solve the issue in your mind?
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including AU would be great - would solve my issue
- please let me know when this is available


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