Are there any articles, discussions or resources on DEO (SEO for DDG)

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Created: 8 years and 5 months ago
I first learned about DDG from the Hacker News site ( and I was wondering if there have already been some write ups on Duck Engine Optimization. SEO for Duck Duck Go, has a fun sound too it. Anyway I have enjoyed playing with the search engine and I like a lot of the results but are there and DDG specific SEO tips to be had? Since it seems to be growing quickly I don't want my sites to fall behind.

Course, if it is the normal, good content, keyword usage, HTML element usage etc that's OK too.

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There aren't any such articles, but the best way is certainly to be part of one of our Zero-cilck Info sources, e.g. Wikipedia, Crunchbase, etc. (and soon Facebook). That will rank you on top for your brand and also enable you to have your official site labeled and on top.

Otherwise, yeah, the same stuff for the other search engines that you mentioned.
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