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Created: 5 years and 5 months ago
I am wondering is there duckduckgo app that my cell will accept , I tried to down load and saying it needs a 6. or higher . I don't have that version on phone as it is a large update ,any ideas TY .

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The app provides all of the features on DuckDuckGo.com but with a few extra things. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like you're able to install the app-- in which case, the best option would be to use the website with a mobile browser, like Safari or Dolphin.
posted by zac Staff5 years and 5 months ago Link
I don't have an iPhone but if you're going to be installing a 3rd party browser I recommend Dolphin. I run it on my Droid as well as on my iPad -- it's great.
posted by jaryd Staff5 years and 5 months ago Link
iOS 6 is required because we opted to use Apple's built in sharing facility which is only available in iOS 6+.
posted by caine Staff5 years and 5 months ago Link
I'm really new to all this stuff. I'm trying to figure out how to get private VoIP and IM on my iPhone 4. I was able to get the app(?) on mine from DDG site. I really like DDG!
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