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Created: 5 years and 1 month ago • Updated: 5 years and 1 month ago
I cannot sign up for an account here: https://dukgo.com/my/register
I also cannot save a new email address or update an email address here: https://dukgo.com/my/email
I cannot create a new discussion here: https://dukgo.com/forum/my/newthread

The account sign up page kept telling me the captcha response was wrong. The update email address form just refreshes after clicking submit, but nothing is updated.
The new discussion form gives me this error message: forum/my/newthread: Caught exception in DDGC::Web::Controller::Forum::My->newthread "Invalid action token at /mnt/md0/home/ddgc/live/script/../lib/DDGC/Web.pm line 152."

I had to switch to Firefox to get the forms to work. My chrome version is 30.0.1599.101
OS is Windows 7 Pro SP1

Is this a known problem or just me?
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This "invalid action token" error means normally that you have several browser windows open. The system generates an action token for most forms it presents you. This way assures that noone makes an evil link or tricks you other way into submitting data to the platform without that you know.
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I tried opening chrome in mavericks with one tab and nothing happened when I clicked submit to update my email address. I don't want to create new posts or accounts just to test the site.
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