[Link] The perils of mixing open source and money

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Created: 5 years and 3 months ago

Something I think about a lot with regards to our developer community.

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Great article. Of note for solid streams of income would be the fantastic Ardour Digital Audio Workstation. (ardour.org). Paul Davis has had a (seemingly) steady stream of income through the usage of subscriptions in order to download pre-built binaries. Anyone wishing to download the source code for building themselves are free to do so, but he charges for the package. He's been using that money as his main source of income for some years now and he still is the main dev of the project (with a few others in the scene).
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If I may ask, why do you think about money in regards to your developer community?
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I'm not speaking for Gabe or the company as a whole but I can say that, from feedback alone, we get a lot of questions about why we don't set up a bounty system for instant answers
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