how can I stop duckduckgo from tracking me?

<hidden> anonymous
Created: 5 years and 2 months ago
Everywhere I go on the internet I see ads for items that I have been looking at lately....such as cars, auto repair shops, etc. I thought duckduckgo did not follow me around the internet!! That has not been the case for me....

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DDG doesn't track you, doesn't store any of your information. Once you click on a link provided by DDG, you are no longer protected from tracking and are at the mercy of the web site that you go to. That sight may well use cookies and other tracking devices. If you'd like to reduce this tracking, go to .
posted by x.15a2 Community Leader5 years and 2 months ago Link
There are other web sites that do track you. If you don't want any websites to track you, you can use the Ghostery browser extension- just search it on DuckDuckGo. :)
posted by Upsilon920 5 years and 2 months ago Link
I just realized that I should have given you the link to (fix tracking) instead of the link that I provided. My apologies for any confusion that I've caused. @Upsilon920, thanks for your suggestgion, the above link includes Ghostery and several other add-on\extensions.
posted by x.15a2 Community Leader5 years and 2 months ago Link